KILO Ideology

Ideology : noun

1 : visionary theorizing
2 : a system of ideas and ideals
3 : a manner or the content of thinking characteristic of an individual, group, or culture

+ Strategy

At KILO Strength Society, it all begins with Strategy. Everything we do is built with every component of physical performance in mind. There are no shortcuts to optimal performance; our concept is based on knowledge, science, and results.

+ Coaching

KILO’s dynamic atmosphere provides encouragement, support, and comradery. For these reasons, we have chosen to provide the majority of our services in a group setting. Our Coaching will be of the highest standards. You will receive a one-on-one level of training in a group setting. We pay attention to every little detail, from your mechanics to your breathing pattern to your emotion.

+ Trust

We understand that there is sometimes fear associated with lifting weights. We will guide you every step of the way until you become comfortable with Strength Training. We gain our members’ Trust by ensuring they know how to properly execute every exercise and explain the “whys” of what we do. Already comfortable with heavy lifting? You will reach new personal records with us and finally break those plateaus that have been discouraging you.

+ Accuracy

Our Coaches guide you until you are performing all exercises with perfect Accuracy. Poor form and lack of attention to detail leads to injury; we will not allow you to be suboptimal. We work with you to ensure you understand the mechanics of training and the importance of Accuracy in the weight room.

+ Progress

Our facility is a place for growth. We will guide you to become your best self. Our training programs are built with the belief of Progress. We coach and educate you so you can reach all of your training, health, and lifestyle goals. With Progress come massive gains, which will boost your confidence not only in the gym, but in all aspects of your life.

+ Intensity

We all have an athlete inside of us, and together we will unleash the athlete. If you are already an athlete, we will bring you to your highest performance level. The training sessions at KILO will demand Intensity. You must be ready to work hard. Our motto is “Train Smart…Train Hard”. Intensity is key to success in the weight room. We will coach you and provide the correct environment. However, Intensity ultimately comes from within and we will trust that you give 100% every session.

+ Strength

We believe in Strength. We want to make you comfortable with being outside your comfort zone. With a focus on the PRIMEIGHT: Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press, Incline Press, Bench Press, Dip, and Chin-Up, you will reach new personal records.

+ Achievement

Every athlete needs competition. KILO encourages friendly competition with your peers. Whether they are in your training session, or in another country, all members of the Strength Society will drive and support each other in reaching new Achievements.