Neck Training Cycle for Mixed Martial Arts

The neck is an often forgotten body part in the training of athletes, some sports require dedicated attention to neck strength, even more so for contact sports like hockey, football or combat sports.

For the purpose of this tip, the focus will be on the specific demands of neck training for Mixed Martial Arts. 

In MMA, the neck has to fire through different modes of contractions, for this reason, the periodization of the neck exercises should reflect this demand via a logical and methodical planning of training modalities.

While the neck can move backwards, forward and laterally, the initial focus should be on the neck extensors as strong neck extensors will have the greatest carry over to neck stability and injury prevention. Once a good strength base has occurred on the neck extensors, it is good practice to introduce lateral and frontal flexion into your Mixed Martial Arts strength training program. 

Here is an example of a MMA 12-week Cycle for the neck extensors:

Phase 1 (week 1-3)

Low Pulley Head Harness Neck Extension 3 x 15-20 2020 60

Phase 2 (week 4-6)

Low Pulley Head Harness Eccentric Neck Extension 4 x 4-6 8000 90

Phase 3 (week 7-9)

High Pulley Head Harness Iso Hold Neck Extension 4 x 4-6 0008 60

Phase 4 (week 10-12)

Low Band Head Harness Neck Extension 4 x 10-12 10X0 90

Using this approach to neck training will ensure that your neck is ready to counter act the various demands of a Mixed Martial Arts match.

Stephane CazeaultComment