Striking power is a quality fighters are constantly striving to improve

Here are 4 important considerations to implement to the strength program:

1. The lower body focus of the specific preparation phase should be on the Posterior Chain. A progression from phase to phase going from long range and slower movements to shorter range and faster movements would be ideal.

For example:

Accumulation 1 - Podium Deadlift, Snatch Grip 

Intensification 1 - Deadlift, with Chains

Accumulation 2 - Rack Deadlift, Below the Knee

Intensification 2 - Power Clean, Mid Thigh

2. There should be exercises like the 30-Degree Incline DB Curl devoted to training the long head of the biceps. The long head of the biceps will not only help stabilize the shoulder, but will also act as a safety brake at the end of the punch. 

3. Because of the nature of the sport and the training demands (internally rotated), the athlete will most likely have short subscapularis muscles that will need to be addressed through manual therapy in order to optimize power output at the shoulder joint.

4. During the peaking phases of the upper body, the pressing movements should progress from acceleration from inertia to stretch shortening cycle exercises. The acceleration from inertia develops starting strength allowing the CNS to apply maximal forces at the beginning of the punch. The stretch shortening cycle allows for rapid transitions from the eccentric to concentric contractions for more powerful punches. 

For example:

Accumulation 2 - Inertia Bench Press, from Bottom Range

Intensification 2 - Myotatic Incline Press

Remember that Power = Force x Velocity

Stephane CazeaultComment