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+ Is this crossfit/bootcamp training?

No. This is not crossfit, bootcamp or HIIT training. Our sessions are structured, personalized and incorporate a variety of techniques and exercises. We have written 374 programs total which is equal to two years of structured and progressive training.

+ Is this for me?

Yes! Our PRIMEIGHT Group Training is for anyone who is looking to strength train. For example, if your goal is weight loss, we will personalize the session by assigning a more metabolically demanding rep scheme with shorter rest periods. If your goal is athletic performance, we will implement specialized techniques focusing on strength and speed development.

+ How big are the classes?

Maximum capacity for our sessions is 12.

+ What do you do for cardio?

Cardio should be in addition to a balanced strength training routine. We offer Conditioning sessions (aka cardio) on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is a 30-minute workout incorporating modified Strongman equipment, animal walks and calisthenics.

+ Do I need to bring anything?

Please wear comfortable workout clothing, well supported athletic shoes and bring a water bottle.

If possible, please arrive 10-15 minutes early and we will take you through our Dynamic Warm-Up to prepare you for the session.

+ Do you have showers?

Yes. We have showers available with soap and towels. We also have lockers available for personal belongings.

+ When are your sessions?

We offer sessions Monday-Friday at 6AM, 7AM, 8AM, 9AM, 12PM, 5PM and 6PM. We also have sessions Saturday at 8AM and 9AM.

We are closed on Sundays.

+ Do you offer nutrition?

Yes! Our Coaches are certified to provide Personlized Nutrition Guidance and Body Composition Assessments.