Philip Chubb

6-Week Program Design Mentorship

Stephane has the perfect blend of the two things you want in a coach: One is high quality information that will save you time and get you more results for yourself and your clients. The other is the ability to deliver that information in a way you can understand and immediately begin implementing

I knew I wanted to do a mentorship with Stephane as soon as I read his book "66 Strategies to Program Design". The quality of information in the book was so high and helpful that I knew I wanted to continue learning more and the mentorship was perfect to continue with what I wanted. 

Stephane taught me program design concepts that I was able to immediately implement and get more results for myself and my clients. Not only have I gotten stronger than I have ever been with much more ease, but my clients do as well. They are getting better much more easily and progressing way faster from implementing what Stephane has taught me. 

I can't recommend Stephane and KILO enough if you want to learn more, get better and faster results, and become a better coach, athlete, or trainee. -Philip Chubb, Maryland, USA

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Gabriel R. Lehoux

Group Mentorship

As a Kinesiologist myself, with 9 years of experience in physical preparation trying to find the perfect model for periodization and programming, I was extremely impressed with Stéphane's approach in many ways.

First, he collects data like never before. Which improves the specificity you can have with your athletes. 

He takes the journey of periodization to a brand new level, by incorporating many different physiological laws, that he will follow and periodize throught the entire process. 

He will analyze the data and use it systematically with logic and science, but always remembering that results are the finality.

If you are interested in becoming a Strength Coach and you want to learn basics of periodization and program design, Stephane is your man!

If you want to understand the complexity of periodization, with a 'made simple' application, GO SEE THIS GUY!

Wherever you are in the world, take a plane and pass a few days with him and his crew. It will instantly make you a better Personal Trainer and Strength Coach, guaranteed!

Thanks again KILO Strength Society, I will see you again soon! -Gabriel R. Lehoux, Quebec, CAN

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Louis Gagne

Private Mentorship

"As a Kinesiologist I studied at University for 3 years to be certified, we learned anatomy, physiology, training methods etc,... In addition I have completed over 35 certifications with some of the top coaches and institutions in the industry.

Even with all of my previous education I still felt that I didn't really learn periodization as it should be. It's the subject that I always touched the surface on, but never digged deep in a logical and mathematical manner. During one day with Stephane he was able to really make me understand it effectively. What separates Stephane from others is his ability to analyze and structure everything he has done with his athletes over his career to deeply understand the best way to optimize periodization and program design. He has developed a bullet proof system.

Now I am confident with the periodization of my programming, leaving all guess work behind. In addition to that, even though it wasn't an official course or certification, everything throughout the day was structured and the amount of information received during that day was mind blowing. I'm really grateful of my learning with Stephane. The mentorship far exceeded my expectation. I left California with enough knowledge to now master the programming for my clients and will be able to implement a system that will allow my clients to get better results." -Louis Gagne, Quebec, CAN

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Macgregor McNair - Melbourne, Australia

Private Mentorship

"I am a PICP level 5 strength and conditioning coach based in Melbourne, Australia.  Having learned a ton from Stephane during his time at Poliquin Group, I reached out to the team at Kilo for some help in solving a very specific set of problems I have been facing with my own periodisation strategies for my athletes.  A 2 day private mentorship with Stephane was the ideal solution to sit down and dive deep into my processes and pick Stephane’s brain for solutions to the problems I have been facing.

The result was undeniably one of the most beneficial learning processes I have ever invested in for my own continued education.  The level of attention Stephane paid to my specific situation in this 2 day mentorship was exceptional, and I am so thankful.  Having the opportunity to apply Stephane’s vast knowledge and experience to my own systems was actually awe inspiring. We completely overhauled my processes, and enhanced them further than I could have ever imagined.

For any coaches looking to supercharge their learning and really tap into Stephane’s expertise, I cannot recommend the Kilo private mentorship program highly enough. Even though I have nearly a decade worth of experience and education in the field of athletic development, I have walked away from this 2 day mentorship with a heightened understanding of the intricacies and nuances in my field of speciality.

Pro tip: stay caffeinated, your mind will be blown!!" -Macgregor McNair, Melbourne, AUS

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Anthony Castore - Private Mentorship

Private Mentorship

"I have been training for over 20 years and through my career I have always made it a point to seek out the best coaches and information available to give my clients the best results possible. My internship with Stephane exceeded all of my expectations. It was like a weekend of "a-ha" moments....all of the pieces I had acquired through my career he was able to expand on, add to and help me organize into an effective system. I have been to many great seminars but leave with good workouts and techniques and not much organization of ideas. It was like I finally had all the pieces to help my clients make consistent gains. I learned how each of the variables from reps to time under tension could most effectively be manipulated to help my clients reach their goals. His attention to detail is remarkable and no aspect of his programming methods is not thoroughly thought out!! If you truly want to perfect your craft as a trainer and learn how to get the most out of your workouts and the workouts you write for others this is one of the best investments you can make. I am already planning my next trip out to California and look forward to continuing to learn from the best!!!" -Anthony Castore, Ohio, USA

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Rikke Hansen

Training Camp

"Amazing facility - and amazing people! Joined their body composition camp and I was blown away by their knowlegde. I am definitely coming back for more :-) Absolutely the best gym I have ever been in - and not only because of their top quality equipment - but due to the people running it!" -Rikke Hansen, Aarhus, DEN

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Jakob Frandsen

Training Camp

"I have over the last few years participated in courses worldwide. Last week I attended the Body Comp Camp at Kilo, and it is without doubt the best course I have attended

Stéphane and Alexandra have so much knowledge and they are inspiring to be around. Kelsey with contributing smiles, great humor and great service. Therefore they can only get my best recommendations." -Jakob Frandsen, Aarhus, DEN

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Jade McClure

Training Camp

"I can’t say enough good things about my time at KILO. They have an amazing facility, top level coaching, and world class education.

Their team is extremely organized, professional and really make you feel like you are part of the KILO family. I can easily say that the Body Comp Camp is one of the best courses I’ve taken in all my 15 years in the industry. I seriously wish I had access to this kind of coaching years ago. I look forward to coming back as soon as possible!" -Jade McClure, British Colombia, CAN

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Chris Dellesega


"I recently did an hour long consult with Stephane regarding setting up an annual periodized training program for a rugby team I've been contracted to work with. Given Stephane's extensive background working with elite strength and power athletes from the NFL, MLB, and NHL  I knew his insight would be invaluable.

We first looked at the overall annual training plan before diving in detail into exercise progressions and the periodization of conditioning. Stephane's depth and breadth of knowledge of short- and long-term periodization is unrivaled in the industry and makes him the stand-alone expert in the field.

There is unquestionably no one better at breaking down the different phases of training and explaining how each phase builds upon the previous in order to develop the biggest, strongest, fastest, and best conditioned athletes possible.

I had the opportunity to work under Stephane for a year yet still feel that I've only scratched the surface of his knowledge. Any trainer or coach who is genuinely interested in providing the best training programs to their clients/coaches should do an internship, or at the very least, consult with Stephane. It is worth every penny.

He will always be my "go to" resource as he is without a doubt the best in the world." -Chris Dellasega, Kansas, USA

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Jeff Brockes - St. Louis, Missouri


"I have trained in the fitness field for over 16 years and have acquired over 40 certifications.  I have had many mentors and I would put Stephane among the top in the strength field.  Working with Stephane has been eye opening.  His incite into program design is something I have never seen before.  Everything has a systematic form and comes with a purpose. Each consultation comes with new ways of thinking about programming.  I would highly recommend consulting with Stephane for anything program related." -Jeff Brockes, Missouri, USA

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